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Join Our Board of Directors

Board Expectations

The key components of governance are authority and accountability. The board of directors has the authority to make decisions on behalf of the organization and in turn is accountable to the source of that authority, which is the public trust. The two primary objectives of a board of directors are securing the necessary resources for the organization to continue its mission, expand its reach and enhance its services, while ensuring the organization is being run efficiently and effectively.

Director terms are two consecutive years. Directors in good standing may be considered for re-election for up to four consecutive terms. President and Vice President serve two year terms, and other Board Officer assignments (Treasurer, Secretary, and At-Large Member) are one-year terms.

  • Board members are expected to attend and participate in monthly board meetings.
  • Board members are expected to be knowledgeable, active ambassadors for the Commission of Local Debates.
  • Board members are expected to avoid any real or perceived conflict of interest at all times.
  • Board members are expected to support any organization staff, and assess their performances.
  • Board members are expected to lead by example in supporting CLD fundraising efforts.


Are you applying to be a Director for a State Board or County Chapter?

The responsibility of a State Board is to develop and maintain “County Chapters” in their state, along with sponsoring and/or producing debates for statewide elections. The responsibilty of a County Chapter is to sponsor and/or produce debates for locally elected seats (U.S. House, State Senate, State House, County and City seats, etc.).

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